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All That Is Left was established to provide a platform for nonsectarian leftist art and writing, spanning from theory to politics to current events. Publication will start after the first edition is finished (the current goal for this is September 30th, but this may be extended based on circumstances). Once this edition is done, we will have established a system by which we will operate for future editions.


The publication of All That Is Left is meant to be nothing more than a publication and a brand, to give a recognizable name and platform to art and writing submitted by artists and writers respectively. Eventually, we hope to have this organized in such a way that the writers and artists form a syndicate (whether together or separate) to which All That Is Left or other leftist publications can propose projects. This has yet to be established, but we hope when it does that it will allow the creators to choose for themselves to what projects they contribute.

Editors will remain specific to the publication itself. These editors will be rotated in by the different groups that support and contribute to All That Is Left based on their own criteria, with a few editors remaining on board for all editions.

Supporting Groups

As All That Is Left is just the platform and not the ideas, it is the groups that support the publication that contribute the ideas to be published. The primary group is, and always will be, the syndicate of artists and writers. We plan to work according to a democracy of the contributors, allowing the creators to decide for themselves what they will contribute to each edition. This will, to an extend, be subject to approval by the editorial group, which itself is a combination of delegates from the different supporting groups to ensure they are all represented at each step of the process.

Writers and Artists Syndicate

The yet to be fully formed syndicate of creators that will be the backbone of the publication. Other publications will be able to work with this organization in the same manner as All That Is Left, submitting to them proposals for projects that they themselves will decide on what to contribute and how to delegate the work of this contribution.

Revolutionary Labor Party

Read about the RLP on their site.